“ This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time.


i want to runaway. i want to runaway to the city. i want to stay for weeks. i never want to sleep. i want to spend lots of money. i want to come back completely broke. i want to stay up every night dancing until my feet hurt so bad i never want to walk again. i want to ruin a pair of seven hundred dollar heels. i want to get my picture taken so many times that i never feel like dressing up again. i want to smoke so many cigarettes i get sick. i want to drink so much champagne i feel ill. i want to have seventeen lovers & fuck with their minds. i want to become an it girl. but only for a moment so i can disappear as quickly as i came.

So, gekündigt : )

Und alles erscheint viel leichter.

Am 31. one-way flight nach london.

Dann heißts „good morning upper east-london“ 😀

dieses Bild hab ich zufällig noch vom vorletzten wochenende gefunden…


grüße an marcel 😉


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