and she loves you for all that you’re not, falling down.

On Thursday, while we all were at Charles Dickens, an english pub here in Bordeaux, everyone went out to smoke a fag and I, cause I had way too many that night, stood in there alone and listened to Wonderwall, which was just playing and kept on staring around the bar while thinking about anything…

So then suddenly some guy came up to me, smiled and gave me a piece of paper. I was perplexed, looked at him, looked at the paper, took it, said thank you, opened it and read it…

This guy, who was sitting next to me at another table the whole time, who i didnt notice, wrote a poem about me 😀

Called: „The Lonely Bar Thinker“

but see yourself…i dont really get it haha

so that kind of impression he got about me… o.O


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  1. lindasanatomy

    nice handwriting 😛
    krasse sache, ab jetzt wirst du in insider kreisen nur noch the lonely bar thinker genannt!

    bin verliebt in das lied aus dem kasten rechts 🙂

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