Design Diary

(Young Indians)

Dressed as Red Bloods and drunk on Sangria me and my friend Ali were fooling around at a forest next to the highway while we were on our way to Hurricane Festival. We decided that we’re over getting older! Peter Pan said: „Once you’re grown up, you can never come back!“

(HoneyBun, 2011)

Honeybun is cute as candy. She likes pastel colours, Cory Kennedy, Nylon Magazine and murder heels.
But It-girls don’t last. Not even the stars last. They burn away. And after some time they are replaced by others.

(Leonard, 2011)

Leonard’s favourite colours are Black and White. He never wore anything else until I bewitched him.  Now he feels the magic runnig through his veins and all the gazelles after him. Lucky Leonard.

(Eléonore Renardeau; 2011)

Eléonore (21), Parisienne.
She used to work in a nightclub called fancy foxes.
She was running low on cash as she bought the most expensive dresses
and blew it all on cigarettes and red vine. Nowadays shes working as a model,
trying to be the thinnest of all.

(Jen; 2011)

Had nice night-memories while colouring Jen. Usually shes not  dancing
with an hanger around her neck, but sometimes with her  head in the stars.
She got sick of studying politics and fullfilled  her dream of becoming an
arcitect someday. Currently shes living in  a glass-house right next to her university.

(Sophie; 2011)

Je ne t’aime plus, MON AMOUR“

„cause we can’t grow a new heart“, she said and left him alone in the dark.
Sophie uses too much make up and likes her hair orange.
She once lost her heart while playing in a carrotfield.

(Roxanne, 2011)

Roxanne is the perfect hipster, living in Berlin City, crying colourful tears.





I made this sketch of my friend Natalia and her boyfriend for his birthday. Tried to make it look more comic this time.


(Andrew, 2009)


You may know him. This is Andrew. Andrew VanWyngarden from Brooklyn NY.
Indie singer of the band The Management, also known as MGMT. He studied
experimental music at the Wesleyan University of Connecticut. Oracular Spectacular.

(Jude Law, Mary-Kate Olsen 2010)


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